2020 Worksheet | furniture specification software

Get ahead of the game with the most powerful, easy-to-use furniture specification software in the industry.

2020 Worksheet | Furniture Specification Software

Get ahead of the game with the most powerful, easy-to-use furniture specification software in the industry.

Let 2020 Worksheet do the work for you.

Look no further for professional design software, 2020 Office has it all. Make office space planning faster, easier, and more efficient with 2020 Worksheet.
2020 Worksheet works with our other office application or as a stand-alone product to specify and quote.
Get up-to-date, manufacturer-specific pricing with the Pricing Center available in 2020 Worksheet.

2020 Worksheet - furniture specification software | Get the latest product information

Get the latest product information.

Receive the latest manufacturer catalog information—for over 140 manufacturers each month. Always stay up-to-date and provide accurate specifications.

One standardized platform.

Sales, design and other departments throughout your business can use the same software and data. Data and project files are never out of sync or incompatible.

2020 Worksheet - space planning software | One standardized platform

2020 Worksheet - office design software | Outpace the competition

Outpace the competition.

Save on time, avoid pricing errors, improve efficiency, and beat the competition with a streamlined space planning solution that adapts to your business process. Plus get up-to-date manufacturer-specific pricing directly from the Cloud.

Easy to use.

Keep up with customer expectations with software that your sales team and project managers can use, and let your designers focus on designing using 2020 Visual Impression.

2020 Worksheet - Office space planning | Easy to use

Here's what designers are saying about 2020 Worksheet.

2020 Worksheet - AGUSTÍN CARO
2020 software makes the whole process of designing, drawing, pricing and presenting to the client extremely easy and fast.
– AgustÍn Caro
M. Hanson & Company, Inc
2020 Worksheet - Jackie Canapino
2020 is an integral part of our business. From sales to design to order entry, all of our departments are using 2020 software which streamlines the process.
– Jackie Canapino
Creative Office Pavilion
2020 Worksheet - Emily Marsh
Having the ability to search hundreds of catalogs, pull in manufacturer’s symbols, and export the information linked to the symbol into a worksheet with pricing is a time-saving and invaluable tool.
– Emily Marsh
Jordy Carter Furniture

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