2020 Manufacturing Solutions

Strike the perfect balance between flexibility and automation with 2020’s furniture manufacturing software. Designed specifically for cabinet, furniture, architectural millwork and other wood product manufacturers, 2020’s manufacturing software creates a seamless flow of information across your organization to better coordinate and optimize every step of your operations. Put our years of industry experience to work for you!

(Available Worldwide)

2020 Insight is a business management solution that allows organizations to manage all facets of their operation in one convenient place. Maximize business processes by optimizing and automating workflows from bidding to design and order entry, through production on the shop floor and out to installation at the customers’ site. Whether you need manufacturing ERP software or an MES solution to add to your existing ERP, select your components and configure them to create a manufacturing solution. 2020 Insight provides the choices and agility you need to succeed in a dynamic marketplace.

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    Promob Maker
    (Available in North America)

    Promob Maker is a software application for custom wood product manufacturers that combines design and engineering along with reporting, optimization and CAD/CAM functionality. It is designed for cabinetmakers and other woodworkers who do not require factory or production line automation. Promob Maker is a market leader in South and Central America and comes from Promob, a subsidiary of 2020.

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