Discover the secret to working smarter, not harder!

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Discover the secret to working smarter, not harder!

In an increasingly competitive world, it’s tough for those running their own businesses, and at times it can stretch you to the limit. You might find yourself taking on a variety of roles, responsible for the shop floor, marketing, customer services, accounts, admin and management at any given time. And, sometimes, we all make the mistake of thinking that working long hours is the key to success.

However, the good news is that experts say it is possible to work smarter and not for longer, when it comes to running our businesses. Join us for a live webinar and discover the top 10 secrets to working smarter, not harder.

What you can hope to learn:
• How to achieve the right balance between work and home life
• Discover the top 10 tips & tricks to make you more efficient and productive
• Discover cost effective and time saving apps that will streamline your business.

Meet the Presenter

Frank Shortt

Frank Shortt
Sales Representative: 2020 Ireland
Frank has been with 2020 for over 18 years and looks after both Ireland and Northern Ireland taking care of our large network of Retailers with our desktop solutions.

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