Productivity Using 2020 Office

Productivity Using 2020 Office

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2020 Office webinar: Discover 5 new learning trends

2020 Office Webinar

Everyone wants to save time to make more money.  Using 2020 Office applications, you can choose the workflow that best suits your needs!

What you can expect to learn: 

  • Build a specification with accuracy 
  • Leveraging visual validation 
  • Streamline changes at any point in the design process 
  • How to create a quick, general concept of a space 

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Meet the Speaker:

Denise McKinley

Denise McKinley
Pre-Sales Specialist, Dealer

Denise recently celebrated her 30 year anniversary with 2020. Denise has had various roles throughout the years including technical support and QA. Currently Denise is in sales. She attributes her longevity to the ever-changing world of technology and software, creating an environment where Denise feels like she learns something new every day.

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