Top 5 reasons to add 2020 Design Live to your design business

Top 5 Reasons to Add 2020 Design Live to Your Design Business

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2020 Design Live Webinar Series
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Top 5 Reasons to Add 2020 Design Live to Your Design Business

Deciding between interior design software for your kitchen and bath company? This helpful webinar will showcase the very best of 2020 Design Live, and help you simplify the decision process, so you can get back to designing your clients’ dreams with ease!

What will you learn?

  • How to easily access 2020 Design Live’s exceptionally large catalog collection so your favourite catalogs are close to hand when you need them. Less searching means more designing!
  • Use our new rendering engine, EZ-Render to automatically select the best lighting, shadowing etc. to help your customers visualize their spaces and make decisions faster.
  • Discover how to use one of our newest features, Live Share to move your project along quicker and gain more accurate client weigh-in.
  • Discover why you need 2020 Design Live in your business today!

As a bonus, when you sign up for this webinar, you will get access to 3 extra recordings!

  • Presentations just got EZ-er!
  • 2020 Manager
  • What’s new in 2020 Design Live

    NEW! Every subscription of 2020 Design Live includes access to the 2020 Manager Starter edition.

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