Educational webinar: The 10 principles of design

Educational webinar: The 10 principles of design

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10 Principles of Design

2020 Design Webinar for Australia

Come discover the 10 principles of interior design! Join 2020 for an educational webinar hosted by Mary Maksemos, an Australian Industrial Designer with over 20 years’ experience. Mary specializes in kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and lifestyle joinery. The webinar will explore and define the 10 principles of interior design. It will also highlight the rules of design that, when applied, create aesthetically beautiful and functional spaces. With these principles, you will be sure to exceed your customer’s expectations time and time again!

What you can expect to learn:

  • What are the 10 design principles
  • How to apply them to stand out from the crowd
  • How tradeshows can help grow your design business
  • How to improve your design business and make it more profitable

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About the Speaker:

Mary Maksemos Design

Mary Maksemos
Australian Industrial Designer

Mary has nearly 20 years of experience designing budget to luxury spaces for clients all over the world. She has designed not just the spaces, but the product lines that are used. She has experience designing entire kitchen cabinet libraries, bathroom vanities, wardrobes and outdoor kitchen ranges. From custom modular systems to flat pack, cabinet lines.
Mary has created in house sales processes for some of the largest home improvements brands in Australia.
“They taught you how to design, but did they teach you the business of design?” Is a topic she always addresses, from the business boardroom to a sold-out crowd at a conference, or in a class room. She travels all over, educating and improving the joinery design industry.

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