Engaging your Consumers Online with 2020 Ideal Spaces

Engaging your Consumers Online with 2020 Ideal Spaces

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Engaging your Consumers Online with 2020 Ideal Spaces

Sell anytime, anywhere

Imagine if your consumers could create their dream space directly on your website. With the help of 2020 Ideal Spaces, they can. This online presentation will demonstrate the importance of the customer experience within an omnichannel environment and prove that 2020 Ideal Spaces can assist you to engage your customers much earlier in their purchasing journey. Additionally, we will tell the story of an actual user case to show how 2020 Ideal Spaces will support your online strategy.​

Key Learning Points:

  • Discover the key goals of an effective online strategy.
  • Learn how to capture demand with your online strategy by understanding your target buyer and their online shopping and purchasing behavior.
  • Recognize the advantages of engaging your customers earlier in their purchasing journey.​
  • Review a real user case that will explore how 2020 Ideal Spaces can support your online strategy and how other retailers are benefiting from the solution.

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About 2020 Ideal Spaces

2020 Ideal Spaces is a cloud-based 3D space planning solution that provides an industry platform enabling omnichannel retail for consumers, home centers, retailers and manufacturers. It improves the consumer onboarding experience through every step of the buying journey, from inspiration to qualification to space planning to purchasing—resulting in higher qualified leads and conversions. Personalized to your company's brand and retail processes, 2020 Ideal Spaces allows users to discover ideas, browse product catalogs, create and share their designs with collaborators from home—in store or on the go.

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