Webinar - Office 2.0: The rise of data driven design!

Office 2.0: The rise of data driven design!

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Office 2.0: The rise of data driven design
“Your organization and your people will reap the benefits of a more connected, personalized workplace”Herman Miller

Responding to the ever-changing office environment, workers are now becoming the very data that will help workplace design go to the next level. With data driven design, workplaces can become more efficient, connected and comfortable.

Join 2020 for an exclusive panel discussion featuring industry experts from both MarxModa and Herman Miller. It is a can’t miss event chalked full of information, tips and best-practices to see the future of optimal workplace performance!

What you can expect to learn:

  • How are metrics affecting workplace design?
  • How do you balance data (function) with aesthetics (form)?
  • How does data impact people working in metric-driven environments?

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Meet the Speakers:

Lauren Cole

Lauren Cole

New Business Development Sales Team, MarxModa

Lauren has extensive design experience, with practice in both graphic and interior design, after graduating from Kendall College of Art and Design. Lauren went on to implement her creative background in the Health Care industry at Spectrum as well. She will be your main point of contact for any creative solution you may need. She is confident with her talents and proves to be a solid problem solver in all areas of every project process, every time.

Paula Edwards

Paula Edwards

Senior Workplace Knowledge Consultant
Performance Environments, Herman Miller

Paula Edwards is an expert in all aspects of office design and renovation projects, from strategic and budget planning, through visioning, programming, pre-occupancy measures, design, change management, move-in, post-occupancy measures and continuous improvement. Paula’s work with customers is colored by over 25 years of commercial interior design and facility management experience. During her time with Herman Miller, Paula has led multiple facility design teams with employee experience and innovation as primary business drivers. She has also conducted research on the relationship between personality, work process, and the ways people use space—research that has led to groundbreaking pilot programs for alternative work strategies.

Niki Robrahn

Niki Robrahn

Portfolio Lead Elements, Herman Miller

With over 11 years of product management and product development experience across furniture manufacturers, Niki Robrahn has an extensive understanding of ancillary environments and currently serves as the Portfolio Lead for the Herman Miller Group Elements Portfolio.  Elements is the diverse selection of expressive furnishings from our family of brands, that helps create vibrant settings that satisfy the needs of the modern worker.

Jeff Gibson

Jeff Gibson

Director, Advanced Business Development, Herman Miller

Jeff Gibson serves as the Director of Advanced Business Strategy at Herman Miller. In this role, he leads strategic development and creation of partnership ecosystems. Mr. Gibson focuses on opportunities to leverage technology and data to create new solutions with unique business differentiation. Mr. Gibson previously served the company as Director of New Product Commercialization, leading teams to launch several new product lines. Before joining Herman Miller three and a half years ago, he held a variety of positions at Whirlpool corporation, including procurement, strategy, and IoT marketing.

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