2020 Fusion: Cloud Week

2020 Fusion: Cloud Week

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Welcome to 2020 Fusion Cloud Week!

Join 2020 for a full week of webinars dedicated to enhancing your business with 2020 Cloud. The week starts off with a brief overview of 2020 Cloud and ends with a deep dive into the future of 2020 Fusion! It is a can’t-miss, multiple-day event!

A group of 2020 Fusion experts will highlight all the key points needed to succeed with 2020 Cloud.

18 September
1:00 pm GMT
Discover 2020 Cloud
Peter Davis
19 September
11:00 am GMT
It's all about catalogues
Peter Davis
20 September
1:00 pm GMT
Decorate your designs to perfection
Peter Davis
21 September
1:00 pm GMT
Look into the future of 2020 Fusion
Jim Smalley
22 September
1:00 pm GMT
Top 2020 Cloud support questions answered
Oliver Farrant

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Meet the Speakers:

Oliver Farrant, Senior Customer Support Specialist

Oliver joined the company over 3 years ago after studying business and technology in the UK. He began his career at 2020 as a Technical Support Officer and is now a Senior Customer Support Specialist for 2020 Fusion.

Jim Smalley, 2020 Fusion Product Manager

Jim has over 13 years’ experience working in the product management of 2020 Fusion. Before that, he worked for several years in a variety of roles within the business, starting in the UK Support Team and subsequently occupying 2020 Fusion VAR and Key Account management roles, giving him a strong understanding of customer needs from a variety of backgrounds around the world.

Peter Davis, 2020 Fusion Trainer

Peter has been a trainer with 2020 Fusion for close to 20 years, training both at locations throughout the UK and also offering on-line training. Prior to this, Peter had a very successful career both as a kitchen designer in a number of retail outlets and also representing a number of highly successful kitchen manufacturers in the UK.

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