Why Stand-alone software is not enough

Why stand-alone software is not enough

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End-to-End Software from Design through Manufacturing

2020’s industry-specific solutions are tailored for cabinet and furniture manufacturing and make it possible to link people, machines and resources for a highly automated and flexible end-to-end solution. Integrated data flow is the key to success, from the design into the factory and back to the consumer. Industry 4.0 creates new information relationships that connect databases, online and real-time information from within the company as well as the information coming in from outside. Learn how 2020 does it.

Meet the presenter:


Joerg Brauns, 2020 Senior Director Business Development

With over 20 years of experience in the woodworking industry around the world, Joerg Brauns has managed ERP implementations and led a team of professional engineers and consultants, before managing 2020's manufacturing accounts for North America.

Joerg has supported companies in their system architecture, business process analysis & re-engineering, LEAN, synchronous flow manufacturing and one-piece flow. He is also a member of 2020’s worldwide factory leadership team.

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