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Do more than just space planning when you create and manage your projects with 2020 Office applications.
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"The whole process of designing, drawing, pricing and presenting to the client is extremely easy and fast."

Agustin Caro from M. Hanson & Company, Inc

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What is 2020 Office?

With the combination of our 2020 Office applications, you can design, specify and visualize in one seamless workflow.

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With 2020 Cap Complete (All in-one application with an integrated CAD system), with 2020 Cap (AutoCAD® based) or 2020 Giza, designing office spaces & layouts has never been so easy.

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2020 Worksheet ensures accuracy when specifying, discounting and creating furniture quotes.

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Make your designs come to life and create visually stunning designs with 2020 Visual Impression.

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