Online 2D Space Planning with 2020 Icovia

An affordable, web-based 2D room planning software that anyone can use!

Individual Designers

Create beautiful spaces with professional presentation quality space plans.

Please note if you select "Try it Today":
  • You can only try the 2020 Icovia Design Edition Service without registering.
  • You will not be able to Save, Print or Share but will have access to all other features.
  • If you register, please remember that billing starts immediately.

Create Professional Floor Plans in Minutes

Design a room or create an entire house plan. Subscription to the Design Edition is easy and at $19/month USD a great value.
Create Professional Floor Plans in Minutes
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Brainstorm concepts, share ideas and design professional floor plans in no time at all with the 2020 Icovia Design Edition.

Perfect for Individuals

Quickly design a single room or a full home space plan, online in minutes! Easily share designs with customers, professionals, family, or friends.
Perfect for Homeowners

Real Estate, Property Managers and Builders

Gain new customers and boost your brand recognition to new heights.

Build Buyer Confidence

Buyers browse detailed floor plans branded with your corporate identity and create customized room plans with furniture arrangements to confirm the space fits their needs.
Build Buyer Confidence
Identify New Customers

Identify New Customers

An integrated reporting tool gives you real-time access to user registration data and performance metrics. Identify top properties and help your sales team reach new buyers.

Engage Prospects and Create Excitement

The 2020 Icovia Real Estate Edition online room designer is launched directly from your online property listings and branded with your corporate identity. Your agents are automatically alerted when users save, print or share.
Engage Prospects

Retailers and Manufacturers

Engage consumers earlier in the buying journey and generate new leads.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Give your customers the confidence they need in their buying decisions. Customers can quickly create a room and become identified prospects for your team to contact.
Set yourself apart from the competition
Potential Buyers

Let Potential Buyers Engage with Your Products

The 2020 Icovia Business Edition 2D room planning software is launched by more than 10,000 consumers daily.

Convert Web Traffic & Increase Order Size

Reduce no-fits and returns, increase average order size, and educate customers about your products before they visit your store. Customers who use 2020 Icovia 2D room planning software spend up to 16x more furniture purchases!
Convert Web Traffic & Increase Order Size