Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse management and logistical requirements of furniture manufacturers and woodworking companies have been growing for many years largely due to global supply chains, multiple distribution channels and the increase in product customization consumers now demand. For efficient warehouse management, companies need WMS software that can manage raw materials and intermediate and finished goods warehouses within one or multiple warehouses.
WMS Software 2020 Insight

What sets 2020 Insight’s WMS software apart

2020 Insight WMS solution helps furniture manufacturers and distributors manage their warehouses by digitally mapping, monitoring, and automating the warehouse processes. This allows them to increase efficiencies and lower costs by reducing overhead, avoiding manual errors, making better use of space, minimizing labor costs through automation, and speeding up order fulfillment. 2020 Insight WMS software optimizes your processes and streamlines complexities by managing inventory, sales and production information across regions and between plants, helping you deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.

How 2020 Insight can help your business

  • Use as an individualized warehouse inventory management system that can be fully integrated into the existing IT infrastructure or deployed as part of the 2020 end-to-end solution for manufacturers and distributors.
  • Accurately store items and guide operators to the exact location of goods.
  • Create customized containers that match your material handling methods including weight, height, width and maximum stacking height.
  • Create and manage inventory move orders from one location to another, within one warehouse or multiple warehouses.
  • Support setup and transactions for rack, block and plane type warehouses.
  • Configure your business processes with a workflow engine that integrates to your software landscape.
  • Improve visibility and communication with real-time views from anywhere at any time.
  • Make better business decisions using 2020 Insight’s built-in business intelligence.
  • Connect to your financial solution and other business applications to make the most of your warehouse data.
WMS Highlights
WMS Functionality

2020 Insight WMS software functionality

  • Warehouse management
  • Workflow and business automation
  • Product and process management
  • Sales order management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Materials and supply chain management
  • Shop floor execution
  • Business intelligence
  • Financial integration

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