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July 17-20, 2019
Las Vegas Convention Center | Booth 4101

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The Connected Factory

Our industry specific solutions are tailored for the cabinet, furniture and woodworking industry and make it possible to link people, machines and resources for a highly automated and flexible end-to-end solution. 2020 Insight, our enterprise manufacturing solution, combines, analyzes, enhances and distributes all sales, production and logistics data to the right people at the right time, creating a connected factory with a single data hub—which is key to your success.

2020 Insight

End-to-End Solutions

Visit us at Booth 4101 to find out how we help our customers create amazing spaces for their clients where they live, work, learn and dream. Our design and manufacturing software integrate the end-to-end product journey. Quickly launch new product lines and open up new sales channels with our robust electronic catalogs. And, ask us how 'content in the cloud' is transforming the way manufacturers and professional collaborate together.
2020 Insight

We will be featured at the AFWS Rapid Fire Presentations

Joerg Brauns

THE CONNECTED FACTORY | Friday, July 19, 1:30-1:45pm | Booth #9784

Presenter: Joerg Brauns, 2020 Senior Director Business Development

Integrated data flow is the key to your success. We help manufacturers implement Industry 4.0 methodology by connecting data and systems inside and outside of your factory with a seamless flow of information. Scanning technology, cloud-based catalogs, mobile apps, web APIs, built-in business intelligence and a powerful workflow engine all work together to connect and communicate. With this data at your fingertips, you are able to assess new sales opportunities, drive product development, integrate your machines & systems and automate your production processes.

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