Which Manufacturer’s Catalog would you like to see in 2020 Cloud?

2020 Content Authoring, PCS

2020 is working to continuously increase the number of catalogs available to our customers via 2020 Cloud. As a 2020 Cloud user, we would appreciate your input in deciding which manufacturers’ catalogs we prioritise within this process. The 2020 Cloud solution currently supports catalogs with products that use a single non-configurable 3D model; however, we welcome requests regarding any catalog. Log in to …


New Whirlpool Catalog Available on 2020 Cloud

2020 Content Authoring, PCS

Instantly add Whirlpool kitchen products to your designs using 2020 Cloud. All USA customers of 2020 Cloud can now add Whirlpool appliances directly to their 2020 Design projects. The Whirlpool catalog includes a huge selection of products including ranges, cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers, allowing designers to choose exactly the …


New AGA Catalog Available on 2020 Cloud

2020 Content Authoring, PCS

Discover the AGA range of cast iron cookers using 2020 Cloud. All 2020 Cloud customers based in the UK can now add the huge selection of AGA cookers to their 2020 Fusion designs. The AGA catalog includes a variety of 20 different appliances with 17 colour variations, allowing designers to …