2020 Decorative Items – Major Update

2020 2020 Content Studio, PCS

2020 Decorative Items v11We’re delighted to bring our customers another major update to the 2020 Decorative Items catalog, available exclusively on 2020 Cloud.

2020 Decorative Items v11

This update of over 100 new items brings our catalog total to almost 1600 high-quality items.

We’ve added all sorts of items in a variety of categories including 9 pairs of curtains, bathroom accessories, pets, fireplaces, 12 styles of bookcases, cupboards, sideboards, office desks and a range of new tables.

2020 Decorative Items v11

We’ve also made some enhancements to materials, so not only is this catalog bigger, it’s also better! And because this catalog is exclusive to 2020 Cloud, these items are available immediately and without the need to download the whole catalog.

2020 Decorative Items v11

Many of the items we’ve added come from customer suggestions, and we’re pleased to have been able to deliver those. We invite you to keep those suggestions coming – remember to include a link or upload an image of an example though!

You can make a suggestion or review the catalog content in our web-based index page.

2020 Decorative Items v11

New to 2020 Cloud? Why not check out our FAQ or view some Tips & Tricks?

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