See 2020 at IWF 2016!

Join 2020 at IWF 2016!

August 24-27, Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta
Booth 4717, Building B

Meet our team of experts and learn about our manufacturing operations management solution, professional design tools, catalog services and NEW web technologies running on the 2020 content platform.

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We help you really connect with your dealers.

2020 software solutions help manufacturers be easier to work with. Learn how your product data is enriched and used from design through production resulting in:

• Improved order accuracy
• Reduced production errors
• Specials run as standards
• Complete, on-time shipping every time

What is 2020 Insight?

2020 Insight is a complete manufacturing operations management solution, specifically developed for furniture and wood products and cabinet manufacturers. It contains dedicated tools to manage and automate everything from order acceptance and product configuration to production scheduling, shop floor execution, CNC manufacturing, billing and shipping. Built-in materials and supply chain management tools and an end-to-end paperless solution integrate seamlessly into 2020’s professional design applications and into industry-standard accounting software.

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It’s all about the data.

Capturing, analyzing and communicating the right information to the right people at the right time is key. You need real-time visibility of your data throughout your factory to help eliminate errors, increase efficiencies and reduce order fulfillment times.

Ask us how 2020 is supporting Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing principles in our software.
• Machine integration that dynamically generates CNC code for all types of machine brands
• Mobile devices that keep you connected with shop floor production
• Real-time status notifications and email notifications triggered by workflows
• Cloud-based solutions that deliver your products and catalogs to your dealers & designers
• Visualization solutions that connect your consumers to your products

2020 Insight at WB Manufacturing

2020 Insight at WB Manufacturing

“We continue to see companies struggle with the integration of the various front-end software a company uses and the shop floor. We overcame this many years ago using the 2020 Insight software.”—Kent Barby, Casework Production Manager and Engineer, WB Manufacturing

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2020 Design—CAD software for dealers and designers

2020 Design at IWF 2016

Plan and visualize kitchen and bathroom designs with 2020 Design—plus, get advanced capabilities for closets and home organization with add-on modules. Experience 2020 Design’s 360° panoramic view with the 2020 Virtual Reality Viewer. And 2020 Design is fully integrated with 2020’s manufacturing solutions.

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2020 VR Virtual Reality Viewer

Get Your 2020 Virtual Reality Viewer!

As part of our IWF 2016 show special, you will receive a free 2020 VR viewer with each license of 2020 Design purchased at the show.

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