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Manage your sales, operations, production, shipping and installation from a single course.

2020 Insight: An Enterprise Manufacturing Solution

2020 Insight is an end-to-end manufacturing solution that connects your entire organization with a seamless flow of information from the consumer and designer/dealer into your factory. We understand the cabinet, furniture, and architectural millwork industry, and it shows!

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Whether you are looking for a manufacturing ERP software system or want to enhance your existing software investment with an MES solution, we have options for you. 2020 Insight is modular and flexible in the way you deploy it. Our experienced team of professionals works alongside you to help determine the best course of action for your organization. 2020 Insight can connect all parts of your business, so you will have a fully integrated solution that will take you from the bidding process and sales order, right through to shipping, installation and field services. Watch these videos to learn more about the components of 2020 Insight.

An Introduction to 2020 Insight

Business Systems Integration

Sales Order Management

Product and Process Management


Planning and Scheduling

Shop Floor Execution

Service Management


Web Services