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Online sales training classes with Simon Acres Group

Sales training for kitchen and bathroom retailers in the UK and North America with Simon Acres Group.
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Increase your close rate with our new sales training classes

2020 has partnered with Simon Acres Group to offer online classes to improve your sales acumen. If you are new to the kitchen and bathroom business or if you would like to increase your sales conversion rates, there are 3 courses to choose from!

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What is the training about?

The sales training will be offered in video format and consists of three customer engagement sales units, including tips and tricks, foundation, and advanced modules. The training videos focus on improving skills during the customer journey and are designed to help kitchen and bathroom retailers close more sales and sell more products.


  • Improving your sales techniques
  • Adapting to new consumer behaviors
  • Better engaging your customers
  • Better handling objections
  • Closing sales in a smart and respectful fashion

Find the sales training that's right for you.

Save by bundling 2 or 3 classes.
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Smart Tips and Solutions Course

Techniques to research your target customer, pre-qualify them with a positive response, ask the right questions from the start and guide them through your process.

Foundation Customer Engagement Course

Improve best practices in customer engagement, understanding needs, objection handling techniques and alternative options in closing the sale.

Advanced Sales Training Course

From first impressions to properly closing the sale, learn how to stand out from the competition and control the project budget. You’ll take away 40 key tips for a successful sales process.

Are you based in North America?

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Are you based in the UK?

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Who is Simon Acres Group?

The course will be delivered by Simon Acres, managing director of Simon Acres Group. With experience holding top leadership positions with manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and associations, Acres has 30 years of extensive knowledge in the kitchen and bathroom industry. Simon Acres Group is recognized as the first-choice UK industry service provider for services that include recruitment, accredited sales training, and media production. ‘We’re excited to partner with 2020 to deliver industry-specific sales training material to kitchen and bathroom retailers,’ says Acres. ‘I think it will greatly benefit 2020’s customers and help them increase their close rates.’