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Partner Spotlight: ETemplate Systems

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ETemplate Systems is a technology company that has been developing innovative measurement solutions for the construction industry for 15 years. The ELaser system by ETemplate is an industry leader in measuring job sites for cabinet layout design, countertops, millwork, stairs, and may other applications. The ELaser system creates a 3D CAD file as it measures and includes the ability to export an XML file compatible with 2020 Design.

This system and process allows the user to easily and accurately obtain job site measurements including door and window locations, as well as switches, outlets and plumbing. By collecting this information digitally, the user does not have to write down numbers or re-enter them into the 2020 system. The accuracy level of the data allows scribing at the fabrication shop and dramatically reduce on site modifications for proper installation.

ETemplate Systems has won 5 major international awards and has membership in 7 leading business Associations.

The ETemplate system is EXCELLENT! When I said I wouldn’t be in this business without ETemplate I meant it. I was extremely skeptical that it could provide the accuracy needed. But the accuracy of ETemplate along with the accuracy of CNC are a perfect match. We end up with pieces that fit together absolutely perfectly. We have become completely reliant on the data we get and after 60 plus kitchens with ETemplate we have not had a bad fit or error yet.
– Marty Marra, Marra Construction

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