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2020 and discac are developing an innovative solution for home improvement distributors

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home improvement distributors
Through a collaboration with 2020, the French manufacturer will help pilot customers design and sell a kitchen in less than 30 minutes by offering customized self-design software.

2020 is pleased to announce the expansion of its collaboration with discac with a new initiative to offer a customizable solution to the distributor's requirements. This next step in the partnership between 2020 and discac should result in a joint solution for home improvement distributors that are not specialized in kitchen design to help them plan and sell a kitchen more easily and quickly.

"This partnership allows us to overcome current challenges our customers are facing: simplifying the design of a kitchen and easing the difficulty of qualified recruitment. The objective is to provide an innovative solution that strengthens our customer relations. We believe that customer service is just as important as the quality of our products", says Romain Langagne, Sales Director at discac.

Based on the 2020 Ideal Spaces solution, 2020 and discac have created a complete and autonomous system that enables multi-specialists to design, quote and place orders through EDI directly with discac. The distributors will thus be able to sell easily a 'real bespoke kitchen' thanks to the tool giving access to the entire discac catalog. Scalable and customizable, this solution can be coupled with an information system specific to each distributor.

The benefits of implementing 2020 Ideal Spaces are: 

  • A self-design software that multi-specialist distributors can use
  • A simple and quick online tool to implement
  • A direct link to the end consumer
  • A customizable solution depending on the retailers’ needs

"We are very pleased to continue our collaboration with discac focusing on improving the manufacturer/distributor relationship. The solution we have jointly developed together will enable multi-specialists to sell a 'real bespoke kitchen', from design to dispatch of the order to the factory, in just 30 minutes", says Philippe Laziosi, Regional Director Southern Europe at 2020.

About discac

Based in Gironde, discac is a French kitchen and bathroom furniture manufacturer produced. With 30 years of experience in furniture, discac primarily manufactures stylish kitchen and bathroom furniture, 100% factory assembled, produced in 2 weeks, adapted to the expectations, needs, and reality of each, for always more aestheticism and practicality. The manufacturer strives daily to expand and develop its various product lines and colors, including permanent contact with its network of dealers who give him the keys to understanding professionals' daily lives and the sector's reality.

For more information, please visit discac.fr.

About 2020

2020 is a Cyncly company. Cyncly is the industry leader in specialized visualization, sales, manufacturing and content solutions for customers wanting to bring spaces to life and bring life to spaces. Their business spans across kitchen, bathroom, furniture, flooring and windows, doors & glass industries with operations in North America, Europe, South America, Asia Pacific and Africa. The global software powerhouse has over 2,300 employees and 70,000+ customers across 100+ countries.

Compusoft, 2020, 3CAD, Access IT (contract ERP), FeneTech, First Degree Systems, Focco, GO-2B, M3B, Mozaik Software, Promob, Soft Tech, RFMS and Virtual Worlds are Cyncly brands that bring together end-to-end solutions to help everyone in the value chain make their work and the outcomes for their customers amazing.

For more information, please visit 2020spaces.com and cyncly.com.

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