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2020 and LightCorp strengthen partnership through Cloud Pricing Tools

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LightCorp + 2020

LightCorp will use 2020 Content’s Cloud Pricing Tool for increased control over pricing data among many other benefits

2020 is excited to announce that LightCorp has chosen 2020’s Cloud Pricing Tool to update its on-demand pricing for 2020 Content users.

This solution will provide LightCorp with increased flexibility and control over its pricing data, simplifying its updating process and allowing 2020 Content users to easily find the correct pricing without interrupting their workflow.

By implementing the 2020 Cloud Pricing Tool, LightCorp and other manufacturers can:

  • React quickly to market realities with updated pricing;
  • Supply multiple price lists to customers (including contractual pricing to specific clients);
  • Control access to specific pricing; and
  • Ensure the accuracy of pricing with the ability to make quick corrections when necessary.

About 2020

2020, a Cyncly company, provides software, services and content to help designers, retailers and manufacturers in the kitchen, bathroom and office design industry bring ideas to life, inspire innovation and streamline processes.

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About Cyncly

Cyncly transforms the way customizable products and spaces are imagined, designed, sold, made and managed. By bringing together the best brands in the industry – including 2020, Compusoft and more – Cyncly offers end-to-end software solutions to make spaces amazing.
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About LightCorp

As a proud North American manufacturer, LightCorp provides its customers with thoughtfulyl designed quality products, quick turnaround times, homegrown customer service and the ability to fully customize both high and low-volume orders.
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