Cayke Selects 2020 Online Engagement Solutions

Cayke Selects 2020 Online Engagement Solutions to Provide a Seamless Shopping Experience

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Cayke Selects 2020 Online Engagement Solutions
2020, the world's leading provider of applications and enterprise solutions dedicated to interior design, space planning and furniture manufacturing, is excited to announce that Cayke now offers consumers an interactive experience to design their office space and simplify the sales process using 2020’s online engagement solution.

Cayke is an office furniture startup founded by seasoned industry professionals who have a passion for work furniture and making things simple. Their goal? Fast, contract grade products, ordered via a website for anyone to use, with residential or corporate deliveries—simply a piece of Cayke!

"Cayke is excited to bring a simplified and adaptable e-commerce approach to the contract furniture industry. While we believe our existing platform can help bring our industry forward into a new era of e-procurement and design, we’ll be eager to hear from our future clients on how we can help solve their challenges," states Travis Kern, Operations Director at Cayke. "Thanks to 2020, we're able to engage customers who are interested not only in the customization but the visualization of their space before they order—making them more confident in their furniture investment. On top of that, the click-to-cart functionality allows us to instantly capitalize on a customer's intent to purchase, creating a more streamlined ordering process for the customer and for ourselves."

Visitors to Cayke’s website can now design their workspace with Cayke products, collaborate with family, friends, designers, and other professionals, add to their shopping cart, and purchase online. With the interactive online consumer engagement platform provided by 2020, consumers can engage with the products and visualize their space to ensure it will be everything they dreamed it would be.

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