Introducing the All-New 2020 Cap Complete for Office Designers

Press Release – Introducing the All-New 2020 Cap Complete for Office Designers

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Press Release - Introducing the All-New 2020 Cap Complete for Office Designers

Westwood, USA, November 18, 2019– 2020 is excited to announce the release of 2020 Cap Complete, an all-in-one space planning office design application. This new version of 2020’s industry standard software provides the ability to design, specify and visualize office spaces incorporating a powerful, fully integrated CAD system.

2020 Cap Complete is equipped with the same powerful drawing and space planning capabilities as 2020 Cap, used by thousands of customers over many years, but with the addition of a built-in CAD system. There are no extra applications or add-ons to purchase. Customers will save money by choosing this “complete” solution with no additional or hidden fees.

“2020 continues to strive to add products that respond to our customers’ needs,” says Product Manager Cindy Maple. “In the past year, we have added software keys, 2020 My Account, the 2020 Content Downloader, and we are now pleased to release 2020 Cap Complete,” continues Maple. “With more innovations on the way, it is an exciting time to be a 2020 customer.”

A subscription model of 2020 Cap Complete is available and requires a simple software key to activate – customers can choose to buy online and be up and running in just a few minutes. Software keys allow users to create an account and sign in and out of the software instead of using a dongle. 2020 Office software is available through download, eliminating the need to ship DVDs. The installation process is easy and straightforward.

2020 Cap Complete offers the following features and benefits:

  • Built-in CAD system
  • Integration with 2020 Worksheet and 2020 Visual Impression
  • Powerful drawing and space planning capabilities
  • Project and asset sharing between 2020 Cap and 2020 Cap Complete users
  • Access to 200+ manufacturers’ catalogs
  • Ability to read and write .DWG/.DXF/.DWT/.DWS files
  • Professional training available for immediate productivity

Learn more about 2020 Cap Complete.

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