2020 Decorative Items – Survey Results

2020 PCS

decopendantWe’re pleased to be able to bring all our customers a much-revised update to the 2020 Decorative Items catalog. In this release we have included new items and functionality based on what you told us in our recent customer survey. We are still processing all the feedback we received, so you’ll see further updates over the coming weeks.

registersNot only have we added additional items, but we have revised the descriptions and definitions to improve search results. This makes it easier to quickly find the items you’re looking for when using the text filter.

stoolsMany of you asked for additional options for seating, including chairs and stools and we’re pleased to bring you an enhanced selection of both. Although the base image shows a basic black seat, remember that you can change the color and texture of the seat from within the application, allowing you to match your decor.


wineWe also saw several requests for horizontal wine bottles, to allow customers to fill up those wine racks and shelves, and as a result we’ve added 6 new bottles and a selection of wine glass holders to compliment them.

Cheers & look out for more updates soon!


Remember you can review all the items in the 2020 Decorative Items catalog on our index page.

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