2020 Decorative Update – Your Requests

2020 2020 Content Studio, PCS

It was just over a month ago that we delivered over 200 new lighting items, and today we’re delighted to deliver another major update, with almost 150 new items and 300 modifications & enhancements.

This update contains many items requested by you, and we’re still working to include even more in further updates.


This diverse update includes a variety of items for laundry and office decor, as well as a selection of stoves and fireplaces. In response to many customer requests, we’ve added some barn-style interior doors, several coffee and dining tables, and some traditional bar stools. Other customer requests we’ve been able to deliver include a sewing machine, vacuum cleaners and dressers/hutches.

You can review all the new items online (filter for NEW), where you can also suggest anything we may have missed.

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