2020 Fusion v6: Great Designs in a Snap

2020 Fusion v6: Great Designs in a Snap

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2020 Fusion v6: Great designs in a snap

Putting the needs of the designer is at the forefront of our minds when we look at making any changes to 2020 Fusion. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create stunning designs quickly and efficiently — which is why we are constantly looking at ways to save time, enhance design aids and improve functionality which will, in turn, help you produce better designs that wow your customers.

Our designers have been working hard on 2020 Fusion v6, the latest version of 2020 Fusion. Due to be released later this year, 2020 Fusion v6 introduces a new rendering system, as well as enhanced design aids such as the addition of snapping indicators and the ability to modify the attributes of multiple items. The combined time-saving benefits of the new version will give you more time to focus on creativity and help shorten the sales cycle.

Visual snapping points

1. Snapping points made visual

In 2020 Fusion v6, specific functions that reference snapping points in a design are enhanced via the use of visual indicators. Snapping indicators now appear when applying manual dimensions, measuring, tiling and when placing linear items using the single or multi-line tools.

Change multiple items at once

2. Easier to make changes

2020 Fusion v6 allows designers to modify the attributes of multiple items simultaneously. This time saving enhancement allows you to select multiple items in a design and make the same change to common attributes via the ‘Items’ tab. So now it’s easier than ever to change dimensions, properties, positions and categories for more than one item at a time.

Familiar Interface

3. Keeping it familiar

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, 2020 has a strong history of ensuring that its products keep pace with new technologies and operating systems — and developing in line with Microsoft’s own lifecycle policies. As such, the user interface of 2020 Fusion v6 has been updated to align with that of Microsoft Office 2016, giving you a consistent user experience across your software applications. Changes include the repositioning of the 2020 Cloud account login area, new colour schemes and an additional help function (see ‘Help is at hand’).

2020 Fusion online help

4. Help is at hand

With 2020 Fusion v6, we want to make sure that help is always at hand. 2020 Fusion’s newly updated online help system is accessible via the F1 key command and will launch an extensive library of reference materials.

In addition to the fully updated online help files, the ‘Tell me what you want to do…’ function emulates corresponding functionality in MS-Office 2016, allowing you to quickly search for and easily select menu options and commands.

Simple solutions

CAD software such as 2020 Fusion v6 eliminates the complexity of designing kitchens and bathrooms, making it simple for designers to quickly and easily experiment with options in both 2D and 3D views for new designs with just a few mouse clicks.

Coming soon… 2020 Fusion v6

2020 Fusion v6 delivers fast and stunning presentations which are quick and easy to change, giving you more time for design creativity and a shorter sales cycle. Why not take your first step towards 2020 Fusion v6 and try out the current version of 2020 Fusion free for 30 days?
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