If you have a vision, you can bring it to life with 2020 Design Live, the leading kitchen and bathroom design software on the market.
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The kitchen and bathroom design world runs on 2020 Design Live.

The sky’s the limit with 2020 Design Live!
2020 Design Live (available in North America) has all the features and rich functionality available in 2020 Design but also provides you with configurable cloud content for cabinets, appliances and more that’s always up to date, accurate and faster to design with.

2020 Design - Real manufacturer products in real-time.

Real manufacturer products in real-time.

Not only does 2020 Design Live provide the largest selection of manufacturer catalogs to designers but offers online configurable cabinetry, appliance and plumbing that is uniquely available on 2020 Cloud.

Designed to help designers sell more spaces.

From space planning to photorealistic renderings to 360° panoramas, 2020 Design Live is equipped with all the advanced tools that will help designers create stunning kitchens and bathrooms that are easy to show off to clients.

2020 Design - And then there was light.

And then there was light.

Designers can illuminate their kitchen and bathroom designs with accurate lighting patterns and shadows with the advanced lighting wizard. You can add task lighting, accent lighting and more.

Decor paradise at your fingertips.

Personalizing a design is the finishing touch that will tug at your clients’ heart strings. 2020 Design Live has native decorative cloud items and SketchUp integration to offer you all the decor you need to sell your designs.

2020 Design - Decor paradise at your fingertips.

Here’s what designers are saying about 2020 Design Live.

Alyssa Phillips
"The best feature I have come across is being able to change colors of cabinets without having multiple catalogs downloaded and installed! This should help save me a lot of time when clients are asking for changes."
– Alyssa Phillips
2020 Design - Benjamin John Ouellete
“One can’t possibly NOT use this software! The 3D rendering capability and the cutting edge breakthrough into the world of virtual reality is necessary to stay current and valid in the interior design industry.”
– Benjamin John Ouellette
2020 Design - Maria Stapperfenne
“2020 Design Live is a game-changer in terms of productivity! Every new feature, from the Cloud Configurator to the new EZ Render rendering engine, was created to help designers do more in less time, therefore selling more projects and being more profitable.”

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Find the 2020 Design Live edition that’s right for you.

2020 Design Live Foundation

1-Year Subscription

  • Full-featured 2020 Design Live Foundation desktop software plus 12 months of support and updates
  • Access to generic cloud configurable catalogs and to generic file-based catalogs
  • Ideal if you do not need manufacturer cabinet catalogs

2020 Design Live

1-Year Subscription

Includes all the features of 2020 Design Live Foundation, plus:

  • Access to both cloud configurable and file-based manufacturer’s catalogs
  • 2020 Closet: easily design closets and home storage systems
  • Application Integration Module (AIM): Use XML to transfer data electronically to accounting and other systems
  • Ideal if you sell manufacturer cabinets and closets

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