2020 Ideal Spaces

The innovative 3D space planning software solution for omnichannel retail is tailored for mid-size to enterprise-level home centers, retailers and B2C manufacturers.
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2020 Ideal Spaces
2020 Ideal Spaces is a cloud-based 3D space planning solution that provides an industry platform enabling omnichannel retail for consumers, home centers, retailers and manufacturers. It improves the consumer onboarding experience through every step of the buying journey, from inspiration to qualification to space planning to purchasing—resulting in higher qualified leads and conversions. Personalized to your company's brand and retail processes, 2020 Ideal Spaces allows users to discover ideas, browse product catalogs, create and share their designs with collaborators from home—in store or on the go.
2020 Ideal Spaces: Promote products in context

Promote products in context

Showcase interior design products in fully accessorized virtual showrooms. Visitors can preview what the products could look like in their newly designed space.
2020 Ideal Spaces: Get more qualified leads

Get more qualified leads

Initiate engagement with fun discovery and space planning tools. Give visitors compelling reasons to connect online or come to the store to complete their designs.
2020 Ideal Spaces: Personalize the retail experience

Personalize the retail experience

Allow staff to retrieve customer projects started from home and carry on a meaningful dialog based on the customer’s actual choices and project requirements.

2020 Ideal Spaces Customer Stories

BandQ “We wanted to make use of the emerging cloud-based technology. 2020 had the most credible proposition—2020 Ideal Spaces.” —Alan Barnes, Development and Change Manager, B&Q Read full story Eggo “This is perfect for our sales teams because they can satisfy more customers than in the past. We now know much more than before about the preferences and expectations of the customer before they come into the store.” —Paul David, Marketing Director, èggo Read full story BUT "In addition to catering to the needs of the kitchen world, we also needed to offer a cross-functional tool for all other product families. Although the kitchen was the priority area, this solution gave us a universal tool for all furniture types!” —Gilles Montet, Project Manager, BUT Read full story

Which 2020 Ideal Spaces modules are right for you?

2020 Ideal Spaces platform is scalable and adaptable. In addition to the 2020 Ideal Spaces base modules, we offer add-on modules and licensing options that fit the short and long-term growth and improvement goals of your organization, whatever your size.

Base modules

2020 Ideal Spaces: Inspire


A gallery of interactive showrooms where visitors can mix
and match retail offerings in order to quickly discover their preferences by visualizing selected products such as choice of cabinets, countertops, furniture, appliances, and/or fixtures in a design at once.

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2020 Ideal Spaces: Define


A fun and easy-to-use 3D space planning tool for designing kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and more. Every aspect of the room including the shape, dimension, lighting and decor can be specified within the design to create a personalized space.
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Add-on modules

2020 Ideal Spaces: Auto-design


A powerful tool that instantly creates kitchen designs from user preferences and specific room dimensions without the need to do any manual space planning. Kitchens reflect retailer design guidelines while respecting safety rules.
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2020 Ideal Spaces: Collaborate


A personal project space for visitors to gather all project information starting with photos, designs, and discussions with friends and retailer staff. Designers can access customer projects to provide design assistance in store or from remote design centers.
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2020 Ideal Spaces: Integrate


A toolkit of APIs that makes it possible to deliver a consistent and integrated omnichannel experience by connecting business systems to key application functions such as login, pricing ordering, CRM or POS.
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See how 2020 Ideal Spaces facilitates the consumer buying process

Cloud Hosting

A fully managed application hosting service with industry cloud capabilities that provide high availability, scalability and security to deliver optimized performance with peace of mind SLA for your business.
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