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Introducing 2020 Office v2023.0

2020 Office v2023.0 is a release of 2020 Office software that also includes Cut Sheets.

Cut Sheets take items from your worksheet and creates a Cut Sheet in PowerPoint as a slide for each item. A Cut Sheet is set out as a spec sheet with the image displayed and other details such as manufacturer, part number, price and the finishes applied. This enables you to quickly pull together slides with all the relevant information to present to your customer as a presentation.

What's new with 2020 Office

Announcing 2020 Office v2022

2020 Office v2022 is the annual release of 2020 Office software and contains updates to 2020 Cap, 2020 Cap Complete, 2020 Giza, 2020 Worksheet and 2020 Visual Impression.

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NOTE: You must have Microsoft Office installed on the PC to generate and view the presentations.
  1. Open the worksheet and select the items to add to the cut sheet.
    NOTE: you can either select the item lines to add to the cut sheet or you can create one for all item lines. 
  2. Either select the Cut Sheets icon on the top tool bar or go to File Menu in the tool bar and select Cut Sheets from the options available.
  3. The Cut Sheets will be available to view and edit. 
    NOTE: the catalog should be installed to view the thumbnails in the Cut Sheets.
  4. Select the preferred file path.
    NOTE: you can change the default location for the Cut Sheets in the preferences.

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