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2020 Partner UK

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Value added Reseller IT Bureau (The Laminex Group)

For over 15 years, New Zealand’s kitchen, bathroom and interior designers have been using 2020 Design as their software of choice, distributed by IT Bureau (part of the Laminex Group).

The highly experienced team at IT Bureau provide their customers with a world-class, locally developed New Zealand catalogue, containing over 1400 cabinets with over a million variations. They also provide productivity enhancing tools and custom catalogue creation services tailored to the needs of businesses while ensuring design and manufacturing standards are upheld.

IT Bureau delivers technical support via phone, email and online.

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Guyco Kitchen & Joinery Ltd uses 2020 Design to help customers visualize their future spaces!
Guyco Kitchen & Joinery provides design and manufacturing services for kitchen and bathrooms. Jasmine Jordan a kitchen designer at Guyco Kitchen & Joinery has been a long-time user of 2020 Design having used it in past roles for over a decade. Jasmine believes in designing kitchen layouts that encourage comfortable interaction while maintaining the balance between congregation of family & friends and separation to ensure you can cook, clean & socialize with ease. – “When you are creating a new kitchen for your home, you need design advice from someone who really cares and knows what they are talking about. With my 15 years of experience as a kitchen designer I can see endless design possibilities and practical solutions. 2020 Design helps me visualize those possibilities to my customers.”

With the recent upgrade to 2020 Design Version 11, Jasmine found a number of welcome benefits. Two which easily stood out from the others was its ability to produce photorealistic renderings for her customers, which often closed the sale, and the fact that it was very user-friendly to upgrade. Jasmine always works closely with the 2020 Design Support team from Laminex NZ who with Guyco’s own IT team ensure updates are installed and issues dealt with quickly, allowing Jasmine to focus all her attention on her customers’ requests.

Though the new release of Version 11 places some emphasis on a number of exciting features like the Virtual Reality experience and access to 2020 Cloud catalogs (online supplier libraries), Jasmine appreciate it more for its simplicity in its ability for her to create a floor plan design, elevations and colourful presentations at the click of her mouse. Jasmine recommends 2020 Design for other businesses (just not the competition) who are looking have an edge when it comes providing customers a close enough visual to the end-product.


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