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2020 Partner Pontta Tecnologia

With more than 10 years’ experience in the furniture industry, 2020 Value Added Reseller (VAR), Pontta Tecnologia, has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise and has developed an impressive portfolio of software solutions. The 2020 and Pontta partnership provides a more complete offering to the Brazilian furniture market that includes 2020 products as well as solutions for store management, cutlists, bills of materials and finance that meet the needs of local business requirements for dealers, manufacturers, cabinetmakers, carpenters and designers.

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Veggas Solutions“2020 Design and Pontta Gestor provides us with all the tools we need to create breathtaking designs for our customers. We can delight our customers with visually stunning renderings created with an extensive catalog selection and keep the budget on track during all phases of design,” said Magno Freire, General Manager of Veggas Solutions.

2020 Design content
2020 Design content

About Veggas Solutions
Veggas Solutions had a very humble beginning, starting out in the founder’s garage. Mr. Veggas’s craftsmanship and dedication was the root of the company’s early success. The company’s popularity and reputation grew, and by 1990, Veggas Solutions opened their first showroom. In 2002, the company expanded again by opening up another factory. Veggas Solutions is dedicated to customer satisfaction and professionalism.

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