Festive Decorative Items Catalog Update

2020 2020 Content Studio, PCS

Yes, it’s that time of year again and to help you get your clients in the mood, we’ve just added over 80 new festive articles to the 2020 Decorative Items catalog on 2020 Cloud.

There’s a wide variety to choose from, whether you’re going for the classic look, contemporary styling or a more playful scene.

As always, each decorative item can be modified for size, colour and texture through the item’s Attributes.

So whether its fresh gingerbread cookies from that stylish new oven, garlands and candles on a bar top or a glimpse of the family Christmas tree in the adjoining room, we’ve got your festive needs covered!

You can find all these items under the Seasonal subcategory of the 2020 Decorative Items catalog in your 2020 Cloud Browser, or you can check out our web listing.

And don’t forget our earlier updates, which brought you a wide selection of realistic people and pets!


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