12.4 —-> 12.5 Walls, Windows and Doors oh my

    • May 20, 2021 at 12:46 pm #331492
      Jonothan Desimini

      I’ve noticed that the walls and placement of doors and windows has become incredibly finicky.

      A long time ago I suggested that 2020 spend sometime looking at the doors and windows catalog because there are so many inconguerent variables there it’s not user friendly. Some windows will allow you to  change the quanity variable to 2 or 3 or 4 and gang them together as a single option – other windows of similar construction do not offer this adjustment while they have no reason not to allow for it. So windows allow you to change the frame style and width, others have the variable options to change the features on the window but don’t actually change anything.

      Well today, I’ve been noticing in 12.4 that the placement of doors and windows for some reason were constantly being placed “off” the wall, so basically not cutout into the wall but rather inside the room up against the wall like a cabinet. Not all the windows or doors / doorways but some of them. The window and door wizard appeared to work fine but I don’t use either of them. Why? Because you can’t easily add and adjust casement molding on them. So whats the point?

      Today is day three with 12.5 and now – I go to place windows and doors in a new design and it just refuses to place them. The error comes up that the door or window cannot be placed here. But if I exit the program and go back in, sometimes it will let me. If I shut off the placement zone and turn it back on, that will work sometimes. Or even if I put the placement zone on both sides it will let me place the door or window outside the room but in the case of windows that doesn’t help because there’s no trim on the interior side.

      I’ve been playing with it some and it looks like certain room “shapes” with the walls is affecting this. I removed one of my 27″ return walls on a bit u-shaped kitchen (wall wise) and suddenly could place everything. Removed the 27″ wall and I no longer could.


      Not sure if its just me – and really not in the mood to uninstall and reinstall but at this rate – I’m losing 30% of my time to design trying to plow through these issues with the program.



    • May 20, 2021 at 3:51 pm #331581
      Kristopher Papaleo

      Hi Jonothan,

      Thank you for all the feedback here. I have been testing on my own version 12.5 but I cannot seem to reproduce this particular issue. I would suggest to contact our support department and have an agent connect to your computer so they may see if it is something you are experiencing or if it is an issue with the program. You can reach us by calling 1.866.697.2020.



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