Database Exceeding Limit or Corrupted

  • May 10, 2018 at 4:31 am #186165

    Dear support team,

    As of lately, my software will no longer take me beyond the username and password prompt message.  At first I thought the program crashed permanently and will not open.  I haven’t archived my designs nor have I exported them (to be used as backup), so all my files are hopefully still found in the “database”.  Using another computer as to make sure not to tamper with my current database, I ran tests and trials and errors by installing fusion over and over and over gain and repairing and uninstalling and using new database and existing database.  Until I came to the conclusion that my problem was not the software itself but the database file somehow.  Skimming through the forums, I came across someone mentioning that the database limit is 2GB.  I immediately checked, and sure enough my database file was 2GB ( that would explain why it kept crashing and not saving my designs properly just before the after username and password fiasco happened).  If the limit is indeed 2GB, then I’m left with 1 of 2 results; my database is exceeding the limit or it is corrupted.

    So, please help me.  How can I access this database file again to be able to archive or export my 100s of designs? Or how can I somehow reduce its size?

    Please, this is REALLY important.  5 years of hard work and a lot of unfinished work is on the line

  • May 10, 2018 at 4:59 am #186166
    Ollie Farrant
    2020 Expert

    Hi George,

    What version of 2020 Fusion are you running? reason i ask is because since we rolled out Fusion v5 we have moved away from the MS Access database which had the 2GB limit, and now Fusion V5 and Fusion V6 use SQLite where the size limit no longer applies.

    Can you give me a call on 01233 635 533 and i can assist you in restoring your database and upgrading to our latest version?



    2020 Fusion Support


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