How to Add Skylights and Roof Lanterns to a Flat Ceiling

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    With 2020 Fusion 6.2 or newer, you can easily add Skylights and Roof Lanterns to flat ceilings.

    Version 6.2 now offers the designer the ability to add not only these, but also a range of other ceiling fixtures to a flat ceiling and for the application to then apply appropriate cut-outs, as well as display sunlight and backgrounds, as necessary.

    Before you proceed

    Please ensure that you are running 2020 Fusion 6.2 and that the Advanced Graphics catalogue is up to date.

    1. Once your walls have been drawn, click the new Ceiling Fixture Selector icon in the Catalogue Items Palette.

    Several new items will appear in the list. If the list is blank, please update your Advanced Graphics catalogue.

    2. Drag and drop the desired item onto your plan. You may move the item freely and adjust the item dimensions as well.

    3. Generate a perspective to view the item.

    Tip: If the item does not appear in perspective view, it may be too high above the ceiling. Simply highlight the item in Plan view, and lower it by clicking the Pull Item(s) Towards icon under the Items tab.

    For more information about this new feature, see page 29 of the “What’s New in 2020 Fusion 6.2” document.

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