Issues with automatic subscription renewal

    • September 5, 2023 at 6:46 pm #430304
      Corina Sprankles

      I received an email from 2020 on August 31st that my subscriptions were set to automatically renew September 1st. Was out of the office for the holiday weekend so had not checked email or attempted to access 2020, only to return today (September 5th) to find that our subscriptions have been cancelled. Received an email on September 1st asking why we were cancelling. Only myself and one other person are admins on the account and can cancel the subscription. Contacted 2020 Design Live support and was told that we cancelled our subscriptions. When I clarified it was not me, they stated it was the other admin (who is currently out of the country and also verified that he did not cancel as he does not have even access to do so ). When asked when it was cancelled and how they could confirm who cancelled, I was given the response of “we don’t have that information”. Asked if I could just renew my subscription via the renewal tab on the 2020 portal and was told yes, however the tab errors out and “cannot find the page”. Customer service was supposed to make a ticket with IT to have this fixed with the assumption that it would only take a couple hours max, but 8 hours later and I have received nothing. My design business relies on 2020 Design Live for our kitchen and bath designs and have now had an entire business day with zero access to any previous files or the ability to create new ones. Very disappointed as we have been a loyal 2020 customer for over 11 years. Curious if this has happened to anyone else or if someone from 2020 Design Live can assist me in a timely matter, as this is creating a major problem with the functioning of my business. I just cannot understand why no one is able to help me reinstate my subscription besides the IT department and that I don’t even have the option of renewing over the phone.

    • September 6, 2023 at 9:04 am #430308
      2020 Admin





      You may also refer to the below article for how to renew your subscription online.



      If you are still having difficulty, I would suggest contacting our sales team at toll free 866-698-2020



      Thank you

      2020 Support


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