Kimball Xsede Automation

    • February 3, 2023 at 8:51 am #419600
      Nikolai Adams

      Hi good day all . I am having problems with the kimball xsede automation . I can not create elevation or auto hardware . Can anyone help me with this . Am using Cap Complete .

    • February 3, 2023 at 10:44 am #419653

      Hello Nikolai,

      We would be happy to assist. Can you email so that we contact you directly to further assist? We will have to join remotely to help resolve your issue.

      Best Regarsds,
      Jimi Lynn
      2020 Support team

    • May 17, 2023 at 10:04 pm #423736
      Casey Daugherty

      I have the same issue.



    • August 24, 2023 at 12:30 am #429925
      carley hahn

      Here are some troubleshooting tips for issues creating elevations or generating hardware with Kimball XSEDE and CAP Complete:

      – Make sure you are using the latest version of Kimball and that any add-ins are up to date. Older versions can cause compatibility issues.

      – Verify all required Kimball licenses are active. The automation tools may require specific licensed products to run properly.

      – Check that your CAP Complete template is configured correctly and contains the necessary views, layers, and properties. Improperly setup templates can prevent automation.

      – Try adjusting settings in the Kimball Automation dialog like units, level of detail etc. The defaults may not work for your specific project.

      – Examine the log files after a failed operation for any errors. This can indicate where the process is getting stuck.

      – Reach out to Kimball technical support and provide reproduction steps. They can troubleshoot better with your specific project files.

      – As a workaround, try generating elevations or hardware manually first to isolate if it is solely an automation issue.

      Carefully inspecting licenses, template setup, settings, and error logs should help identify where the automation is failing. Don’t hesitate to leverage Kimball support – they can better examine your files for the root cause.

      _geometry dash_

    • April 8, 2024 at 9:29 pm #437843
      laury friese

      @Candy Crush Good day! I understand that you’re experiencing difficulties with the Kimball Xsede automation, specifically in creating elevations or auto hardware using Cap Complete. While I’m not familiar with the specific software or automation tool you mentioned, I can offer some general suggestions to help troubleshoot the issue:


      1. Review documentation and tutorials: Consult the user manual, documentation, or online tutorials provided by Kimball or Cap Complete. These resources can often provide step-by-step instructions on how to create elevations or utilize the automation features. Look for specific guidance on the tasks you’re trying to accomplish.


      2. Check software compatibility: Ensure that your version of Cap Complete is compatible with the Kimball Xsede automation features. Verify that you have the latest software updates installed for both Cap Complete and the Kimball Xsede automation tool. Incompatibility or outdated software versions can sometimes lead to functionality issues.

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