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    • September 9, 2021 at 9:19 am #345281
      Jeremy Pyatt

      What is the best lighting catalog to use?  I am using Redway3d engine and the lighting looks terrible.  Any tips?  Sun, Scene, Image or Ceiling light?

      I was hoping there was a catalog with different pots, pendants exc.


    • September 9, 2021 at 12:01 pm #345424
      Kristopher Papaleo

      Hi Jeremy,

      HERE is an article on how to use the lighting effects in the program.

      HERE is an article on where to find lighting fixtures in the program.

      When using the recessed spot lighting from the ROOM_FUR catalog, you can manipulate the amount of light that the fixture produces and the color of the light that the fixture produces. Add a SPOT.RECESSED to your design and right click on it and go to Light Properties. From here you can change the color that the fixture produces. Once you do that, you can then go to the fixtures attributes and variables. In Variables, you can change the lights intensity and open the Lights Opening (the higher the number, the further the light will be distributed). HERE is a video to also demonstrate this

      HERE is an article to show you how to manipulate the lighting coming from your windows.

      You can also download and install the Lighting Wizard to test it out and see if it to your liking. You can find the lighting wizard on either or From these two locations, you can also find Task Lighting.

      HERE is an article on how to activate the Lighting Wizard.

      HERE and HERE are other articles related to the Lighting Wizard.

      Hope all this helps!


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