Making SketchUp work for 2020

    • November 2, 2023 at 4:41 pm #434072
      Ariana Thompson

      Hi all,

      Just  a quick note to say, if you have the old free SketchUp Make 2017 on your computer (or you can find it somewhere online to download), you *can* make many things from the 3D Warehouse work.

      I’ve had success downloading a desired item as a Collada file. Usually when you click download on a 3D Warehouse item, it will give you a Collada option if possible.

      Once you’ve downloaded it as a zip, I double-click it to open it and save the .dae file where I want it.  Then open your free Sketchup and use IMPORT to bring it in. Make any changes, then SAVE AS a .skp file.

      Then you can bring it into 2020! SketchUp Make is old enough that it’s files work.  I’d try bringing the item into a blank 2020 design first as a test.

      In case anyone is REALLY missing the 3D Warehouse.




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