Make Your Designs Come to Life with the New Decorative Catalog on 2020 Cloud!

Make Your Designs Come to Life with New Decorative Catalog on 2020 Cloud!

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2020 users in North America and the UK can now add items from the 2020 Cloud Decorative Catalog to make their kitchen and bathroom designs come to life! Add dishes, vases, countertop appliances and more to provide the design a warm, a lived-in feel. We’ve added more items to the 2020 Decorative Catalog, taking the total number of items available to over 700.

Each item has been carefully selected to help you create the highest quality kitchen and bathroom designs for your customers. We will continue to update this catalog on a regular basis. This content is available on 2020 Cloud and is streamed live to newer versions of 2020 software applications like 2020 Design v11.3 and 2020 Fusion v4.4.
Many thanks to those of you who have requested specific items to be added! We want to hear from you about additional items that you would like to see included. When making your suggestions, please remember that the 2020 Design Decorative Items Catalog is for non-manufacturer specific items and non-sale items.

If you have not joined the 2020 Community, please sign up here to get access. Please be sure to set the correct Market Region in your user profile.

Here’s a 3 minute overview of how 2020 Cloud works

If you have not yet upgraded be sure to do so to take advantage of this new time-saving and error-reducing tool!

2020 Design customers click here  to receive the latest version of 2020 Design.
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