The Home Depot Kitchen Designer’s Passion Exhibited at the Smithsonian American History Museum

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Passion Behind the Kitchen Designer

Marty Greco made his name at The Home Depot as the go-to-resource and internal expert on kitchen design technology – 2020 Design software. With over 22 years of working at The Home Depot’s Store Support Center (SSC) and eight years in The Home Depot stores working as a Kitchen Designer, he has close to 29 years working with 2020 Design kitchen and bathroom software. Marty’s knowledge of The Home Depot’s kitchen design business and 2020 Design is impressive. But his real passion wasn’t trying to decide which cabinets to use in a customer’s new kitchen; his real passion was in collecting pins!

Passion Behind the Kitchen Designer

Marty Greco’s desk at The Home Depot Head Office in Atlanta surrounded with a few of his favorite pins.

Starting the Collection

With thousands of pins under his belt, Marty and his desk became known internally as the mini Home Depot pin museum. He started collecting pins in 1983 while working at a membership department store in the Camera Department where there were Kodak Winter Olympic pins. His Home Depot pin collection has numerous pins awarded by the Home Depot, as well as pins received from vendors such as 2020. Marty’s pin collection is historic, nostalgic and fun. Just like Marty! But his collection makes a statement too. His collection reflects his dedication to excellence, customer service and loyalty. As Marty stated, “I am dedicated to The Home Depot and the stores I support. I love helping people and I do what I can to make a customer happy.”

 Awards – Smithsonian American Museum

Awards – Smithsonian American Museum

So it comes as no surprise that The Home Depot asked if Marty would like to submit a few of his pins to the Smithsonian’s “American Enterprise” exhibit. This exhibit looks at strategies and techniques that U.S. companies developed to build loyalty, passion and comradery among employees. Eager and proud to share his passion with many, Marty chose a few of his favorite pins to display at the museum. At 2020, we we’re honored that Marty chose one of his 2020 Design pin’s, which now has a permanent place on Marty’s Home Depot apron on display at the museum!

Below is a photo of Marty’s apron currently on display at the Smithsonian American History Museum.

Marty Greco’s The Home Depot apron

Marty Greco’s The Home Depot apron currently on display at the Smithsonian Museum’s “Recognition Programs”.

For more information on the exhibition and the “Work Incentives” display, click: “American Enterprise” Exhibit at Smithsonian American Museum.

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