The Omni-Channel Consumer – Engaging the Millennial Generation

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Engaging the Millennial Generation is a relatively new goal for both manufacturers and retailers in the home remodeling industry. The new generation of home-buyers has been labelled by many different terms. You may think of them as solely digitally focused shoppers, preferring online retail to brick-and-mortar. You might see them as the social media generation, following trends …

COVID-19 | 2020 Spaces

COVID-19 – We’re All in This Together.

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  We’re All in This Together2020 Community Update   A message to our customers and partners The current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is a worrying time for us all, both from a personal and business perspective. At 2020 we’re working hard to come up with ways to help your business cope. …

Designing Remotely Feature

Designing Remotely – Five Essential Tips

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In light of current events, we’ve felt the need to reach out and give some useful advice for designing remotely.  Offices are closing and social distancing is preventing us from many of the usual methods of conducting business. With a primary focus on safety and in keeping with the guidelines set by trusted and reputable health resources, we can …

office partitions

Office Partitions – How to Create Privacy in an Open Office Space

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Office partitions exist to create the privacy so often unavailable in an open plan office space.   Since the decline of the cubicle, more and more businesses have followed in the footsteps of Frank Lloyd Wright and Google to embrace the open office concept. Designed to foster communication and creative interchange, employer-to-employee …

How to Create a Mood Board – 5 inspiring tips

How to Create a Mood Board – 5 inspiring tips

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Mood boards are a highly effective tool for expressing your creative concepts. They help establish a connection between you and the client through a mutual understanding of taste. You have a vision, and your client wants to see it. Knowing how to create a mood board will help you translate that …