kitchen and bath trends feature

Kitchen and Bath Trends – A Fresh Look at the Future

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Kitchen and bath trends are evolving with the rest of the design world to rejuvenate spaces and bring some new beauty, creativity and practicality to the home as the year continues. At the end of each passing year, the design community sets its sights on the upcoming kitchen and bath …

Post-Pandemic Office

The Post-Pandemic Office – Designing the Future

2020 2020 Blogs, 2020 Office, Office Design

As many countries begin to reopen after weeks of shelter-in-place orders, what can we expect for the future of office design and what will the post-pandemic office space look like? The post-pandemic office space is an inevitable reality. For those of us in the business of office design, the past …

virtual showroom feature

The Virtual Showroom – The New Normal of Customer Engagement

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The virtual showroom is more than ever a critical game-changer in the world of online customer engagement. With the global events of the past months producing long-lasting effects upon the daily habits of consumers, online shopping and web traffic have surged as a result. While the millennial generation has always …

How to protect your intellectual property

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

2020 2020 Blogs, 2020 Fusion, Home Design & Remodeling, Office Design

With the sudden influx of remote business practice, how do we protect our intellectual property within both the community and industry of home design? As virtual meetings and remote presentations are becoming the new normal, many designers are wondering about the security of their intellectual property. Just how much can …

Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing Software – The Future of the Woodworking Industry

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Integrated manufacturing software is, now more than ever, an essential resource for the woodworking industry. Within the current global situation, the woodworking industry is facing an unexpected new set of challenges. Changing projections due to the impact of coronavirus and causes for concern are clearly noticeable and prominent in news …

ergonomic kitchen

How to Design an Ergonomic Kitchen

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Kitchen ergonomics is an important new factor in designing a modern living space. There’s nothing quite as troublesome inside the home as a poorly designed kitchen. When learning how to design an ergonomic kitchen, the focus is on health and accessibility. Like the bathroom, aesthetic is not the only thing …

The Omni-Channel Consumer – Engaging the Millennial Generation

2020 2020 Blogs, 2020 Ideal Spaces, Home Design & Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath

Engaging the Millennial Generation is a relatively new goal for both manufacturers and retailers in the home remodeling industry. The new generation of home-buyers has been labelled by many different terms. You may think of them as solely digitally focused shoppers, preferring online retail to brick-and-mortar. You might see them as the social media generation, following trends …

COVID-19 | 2020 Spaces

COVID-19 – We’re All in This Together.

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  We’re All in This Together2020 Community Update   A message to our customers and partners The current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is a worrying time for us all, both from a personal and business perspective. At 2020 we’re working hard to come up with ways to help your business cope. …

Designing Remotely Feature

Designing Remotely – Five Essential Tips

2020 2020 Blogs, 2020 Design, 2020 Fusion, 2020 Ideal Spaces, Home Design & Remodeling

In light of current events, we’ve felt the need to reach out and give some useful advice for designing remotely.  Offices are closing and social distancing is preventing us from many of the usual methods of conducting business. With a primary focus on safety and in keeping with the guidelines set by trusted and reputable health resources, we can …