2020’s MES Virtual Event

Join us online on Thursday, May 27, 2021.

Join us at 2020’s MES Virtual Event where you will hear various speakers from 2020, Biesse Group and JJF Woodworking Solutions as they discuss different perspectives around the MES topic, both theoretical and practical.

MES Virtual Event

2020’s MES Virtual Event Line Up

Learn what is being achieved today with modern MES systems and discover how your manufacturing production could benefit from an integrated MES solution.
MES Knowledge

Knowledge Sessions

Learn why the integration of MES systems is one of the crucial factors for the implementation of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation in the furniture and woodworking industry. Get tips on how to automate your production from seasoned veterans in the area of machining, material workflows, shop floor management systems and software.

Best Practice Sessions

Join us on virtual factory tours to Störmer Kitchens (cabinet manufacturer) and Vario (office furniture manufacturer). See how 2020 Insight is fully integrated as their MES solution and is interacting with their machinery to ensure complete visibility, control and optimization of production and processes.

MES Best Practices
Configured to Your Business - Business process management tool 2020 Manager

Solution Session

Learn about 2020 Insight’s MES functionality. Discover the possibilities that a modern MES system offers manufacturers with respect to production planning, control, tracking and optimization, as well as machining, warehouse management, reporting and business intelligence.

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Explore the MES virtual event and enjoy various speakers discuss the different perspectives around the MES topic.