New! More Speed!

2020 PCS

social_2020cloud_signature_web_72dpi-1024x768A few months ago we asked you what enhancements you would like to see in 2020 Cloud. Several customers requested additional catalogs and items, some of which we have been able to deliver already, and others we are working on. However, many of you asked for performance enhancements and in a our latest update we’ve delivered exactly that.

We already told you about the increased period between automatic sign out which makes life easier, and now we can tell you that we’ve drastically reduced the time to fetch items from 2020 Cloud. This means that catalog browsing is much faster, even when the display is set to show lots of items per page.

We’ll continue to deliver frequent updates and enhancements, which will be pushed out automatically to improve 2020 Cloud and your experience using the software. Stay tuned for more announcements on the Newsfeed!

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