2020 Announces 2020 Content’s Cloud Pricing Tool Solution for 2020 Office

2020 announces 2020 Content’s Cloud Pricing Tool solution for 2020 Office

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Introducing 2020 Content’s Cloud Pricing Tool

2020 is excited to announce the release of 2020 Cloud Pricing tool within 2020 Office.

The 2020 Cloud Pricing tool solution is a direct-to-ERP integration that provides even more flexibility and control over the pricing data that will appeal to all 2020 Content users. The new feature will simplify the updating process for manufacturers, allowing the user to spec the correct pricing without interrupting their workflow.

“With the launch of this Cloud-pricing solution, you the manufacturer can supply up-to-date pricing to your dealers. This allows you flexibility within these market conditions and overall internal efficiency gains, while increasing revenue by decreasing pricing inaccuracies. The great thing for your dealers is that it is available within Worksheet,” said Steven Blohm, Account Manager.

New benefits of 2020 Cloud Pricing

  • React quickly to market realities by updating pricing on their products when the market brings changes to the cost of creating their products.
  • Supply multiple price lists to their customers to address the specific needs of their customers.
  • Supply contractual pricing to specific customers or those who sell to those customers.
  • Control access to pricing to specific geographical areas, products, companies, groups within companies, or individuals.
  • Manage price increases by timing the update on their schedule without other dependencies.
  • Manage promotions by supplying effective dates and expiration dates on pricing.
  • Control the accuracy of their pricing by making price corrections as necessary when errors are found.

About 2020

2020 is a Cyncly company. Cyncly is the industry leader in specialized visualization, sales, manufacturing and content solutions for customers wanting to bring spaces to life and bring life to spaces. Their business spans across kitchen, bathroom, furniture, flooring and windows, doors & glass industries with operations in North America, Europe, South America, Asia Pacific and Africa. The global software powerhouse has over 2,300 employees and 70,000+ customers across 100+ countries.

Compusoft, 2020, 3CAD, Access IT (contract ERP), FeneTech, First Degree Systems, Focco, GO-2B, M3B, Mozaik Software, Promob, Soft Tech, RFMS and Virtual Worlds are Cyncly brands that bring together end-to-end solutions to help everyone in the value chain make their work and the outcomes for their customers amazing.

For more information, please visit 2020spaces.com and cyncly.com.

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