Three ways office designers can create the workplace of the future

Three ways office designers can create the workplace of the future

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From creating a sense of community through smart technology to promoting neurodiversity and blended experiences, learn the practical strategies modern office designers are using to revolutionize workspaces for enhanced human and corporate wellness. Earlier this year, the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) held a roundtable discussion with several industry leaders …

Blog - Who is the modern office designer?

Why the modern office designer needs to be part-historian, part-psychologist

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Using psychology to plan and design an office space is nothing new. For as long as offices have existed, savvy employers have sought plans for spaces that work subconsciously to get the most out of those in their employ.Office design historyFrom the Taylorism approach of the early 20th Century to …

Top 10 Office Design Trends for 2023

Top 10 office design trends for 2023

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2020 Office Whether you want to deliver the trendiest office designs to your commercial clients – from green walls to yoga studios – or something more traditional, 2020 Office is a complete office design software that not only makes floor planning easy, but gives designers the power to create functional …

2020 training

Save 10% on all 2020 training classes

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Put your best foot forward this year and invest in yourself with 2020 Office training, now 10% off with the coupon code: INVEST. Coupon expires on March 1st, 2023.Learn moreExplore more2020 Knowledge center2020 Blog2020 Community forums

2020 Announces 2020 Content’s Cloud Pricing Tool Solution for 2020 Office

2020 announces 2020 Content’s Cloud Pricing Tool solution for 2020 Office

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Introducing 2020 Content’s Cloud Pricing Tool2020 is excited to announce the release of 2020 Cloud Pricing tool within 2020 Office. The 2020 Cloud Pricing tool solution is a direct-to-ERP integration that provides even more flexibility and control over the pricing data that will appeal to all 2020 Content users. The …

Office Design Checklist

Ultimate Office Design Checklist Template for Commercial Designers

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Office design projects aren’t always straightforward. In fact, they rarely are. There is a lot to think about when designing a commercial office space, and every detail counts. From office furniture to storage solutions to modular systems to lighting—and everything in-between. This complex design task requires precision, an office visualization …

Hybrid Office Layout Ideas for the Modern Workplace

Hybrid office layout ideas for the modern workplace

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The pandemic has had a massive impact on offices throughout the globe. According to the Global Work-from-Home Experience Survey, 76% of workers prefer a hybrid work model that allows them to split their time between their home and their physical office. With the widespread adoption of remote work, businesses are …

Interior Design Resume Guide + Template

Interior Design Resume Guide + Template for Residential & Commercial Designers

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As a residential or commercial designer, you know how important aesthetics and functionality are. And given the nature of your industry, your resume should reflect those same standards. While a solid interior design portfolio is essential to land a job as a designer, an interior design resume is equally necessary …

Office Lighting Design Explained

Office Lighting Design Explained: Everything You Need to Know

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Office lighting has a bigger impact on employee mood, health and productivity than you may think. It’s an important aspect of office design, one that might sometimes be overlooked or considered as an afterthought. This article covers the effects of poor office lighting design on employees, artificial light vs. natural …