PR - Announcing the release of 2020 Insight v12

Press Release – Release of 2020 Insight v12 provides manufacturers the tools to take productivity efficiency to the next level

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Press Release - Announcing the release of 2020 Insight v12

Laval, Quebec, November, 2020 – 2020, the world's leading provider of end-to-end ERP solutions for the furniture and wood processing industry, today announced the major release of its latest comprehensive ERP solution: 2020 Insight version 12.

2020 Insight v12 offers new browser-based features for shop floor execution to improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency on the shop floor with real-time data access from anywhere, at any time, with any browser-enabled device. 2020 Insight becomes even more flexible, as it now can be used on all devices—from smartphones to tablets and desktop PC’s on the shop floor—which is helpful especially when looking at newly integrated mobile control points. This not only adds value in production but can be applied advantageously in other areas, such as scanning items during the shipping process.

A new set of features have been added for optimization management. 2020 Insight v12 allows manufacturers to increase productivity, as it maximizes material yields and manages remnants with remarkable algorithms for cost-effective efficiency. The console allows users to optimize different machine types from panel saw, nesting machines, and routers from different manufacturers within a single streamlined tool, integrating external optimizers and other 2020 applications.

In addition, these updates are accompanied by numerous advancements in other areas. 2020 Insight v12 is soft-key enabled and will no longer require physical USB keys. Further enhanced functionalities include improvements to the bidding process, purchasing, inventory, construction and service management, as well as fitting animations.

“Looking at the sum of improvements and new functionalities, this latest edition of 2020 Insight is our most advanced manufacturing solution yet,” says Leandro Rodrigues, 2020 Insight product manager. “With the web-enabled capabilities offered in version 12, our customers will be able to stay ahead of the competition and maximize efficiency, productivity, profitability, and adaptability—all with one innovative, streamlined, and comprehensive ERP solution.”

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