Make your wood manufacturing business disruption-proof

Make your wood manufacturing business disruption-proof

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In the wood manufacturing sector, there has always been an element of skepticism associated with so-called disruptive technology. As a manufacturer, striking the right balance when implementing tech into the operations of a business isn’t easy: No one wants to get left behind, but no one wants to negatively disrupt …

PR - Announcing the release of 2020 Insight v12

Press Release – Release of 2020 Insight v12 provides manufacturers the tools to take productivity efficiency to the next level

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Laval, Quebec, November, 2020 – 2020, the world’s leading provider of end-to-end ERP solutions for the furniture and wood processing industry, today announced the major release of its latest comprehensive ERP solution: 2020 Insight version 12. 2020 Insight v12 offers new browser-based features for shop floor execution to improve productivity, …

BLOG Cyncly Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing software – The future of the woodworking industry

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Integrated manufacturing software is, now more than ever, an essential resource for the woodworking industry. Within the current global situation, the woodworking industry is facing an unexpected new set of challenges. Changing projections due to the impact of coronavirus and causes for concern are clearly noticeable and prominent in news …

2020 Insight v11 is here!

2020 Insight v11

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With the addition of our new Service Management Module, we now take the customer journey from design and manufacturing through to delivery and installation or other services required in the final phase of a job. The module supports all installation and service activities required at…

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