2020 Office Webinar Series

Designing and Selling for Future Office Spaces

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2020 Office Webinar Series

2020 Office Webinar Series

What will the future of office spaces look like? How can you stay on top of an ever-changing industry that has been affected by global events? In this webinar series, three different perspectives from thought leaders in the office industry are provided. The information presented is dedicated to informing you, educating you and inspiring you to design and sell for the future.

  • Sid Meadows

    Transforming Your Sales Strategy to a Post-Covid World

    Sid Meadows from Emark CCT

    Business owners and leaders beware—the way you sell products and services has changed… likely forever! Over 50 million Americans make their living from sales, and COVID-19 has impacted how we go about our business—especially in an industry that is hyper-focused on face-to-face, in-person meetings, and thrives on personal connection.

  • Lauren Cole

    Future Landscape of Healthcare

    Lauren Cole from Herman Miller

    Discover how designers can help build resilience for better healthcare. Discussion includes recommended immediate actions to cope with COVID-19, reimagining what the future looks like for delivery of care, and ongoing solutions for a variety of applications. The presentation will also feature other verticals including hospitality and office spaces.

  • Aquan Singleton

    Staying Productive Working from Home & Returning to Work Safely

    Aquan Singleton from AIS

    Amid constant change, is it possible to measure productivity? Let’s look at the benefits and challenges of working from home and what it will take to return to work safely.

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